This is our food drive initiative to continuously collect non-perishable and canned goods throughout the year to expand our Food Pantry to not only help those in the community but to also assist schools.

The goal is to provide children with healthy meals and snacks over the weekend and meals during the school year; eligibility for this program is determined from information obtained by the school officials.

If your last name ends with the following alphabet, please donate the corresponding food item. Can items should have a flip top, so that no can opener or extra utensils are needed.

Last Name     Food Item(s)                                               

A           Ravioli with Meat Sauce

B           Spaghetti O’s with Meatballs

C           Individually Wrapped Mac & Cheese

D           Beef Stew

E           Red Beans & Rice

F            Soup

G           Beans & Franks

H           Corned Beef Hash

I/J         Tuna Fish

K           Individually Packaged Cereals

L            Cereal Bars, Individually Packaged Pretzels

M          Pop Tarts, Individually Packaged Goldfish

N           Granola Bars, Nutri-grain Bars

O           Peanut Butter Crackers, Cheese Crackers

P           Pudding Cups, Jell-O Cups

Q/R      Individually Packaged Grits, Individually Packaged Oatmeal

S            Juice Boxes, Milk Boxes

T           Mini Microwave Popcorn, Individually Packaged Raisins

U/V      Dried or Canned Fruit

WXYZ  Fruit Chews, Fruit Cup

Collection bins are set up at all of the entrances.


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