From Bishop Wilkins: I am pleased to acknowledge each of your educational and professional accomplishments. It is, indeed, something for you and your family to be proud of. Your church family is equally as proud and we salute each of you. These achievements required a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication from each of you. And with each achievement, a positive difference is being made in your educational development and career path. As a reminder, you are encouraged to keep God first and remember the teachings of your parents and church.

Maintain Your Integrity
No matter where students will go their beliefs, morals, and faith will likely be challenged. This can happen in school or at work.

Work Hard, Be Steady, and Be Willing To Sacrifice
Succeeding academically and professionally does not always mean you are the smartest person in the room or on the job but it does mean you are willing to work as hard as anyone else and you are willing to work while others are playing.

Do Not Let Others Define Who You Are
God made you exceedingly perfect in his sight and you should be empowered by knowing you are special and wonderful just the way you are. As you move into the next chapter in your life, don’t let others map out your path because it is your path to walk.

To God be the glory and congratulations for your achievements! We, again, are very proud of you and pray God’s continued blessings be bestowed upon you.

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